People for Progress in India (PPI)
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::About us::

Who we are

PPI is a Seattle-based non-profit organization that supports development work in India. PPI was founded on the concept that, help to under-privileged should go beyond conventional charity. PPI has been guided by the following goals:
  • To fund programs that make people and communities self-sustained through co-operativess, low interest loans, vocational training, small-scale industries, etc
  • Promote innovative programs that remove the obstacles faced by marginalized communities
  • Promote sustainable and organic farming techniques; Training farmers on improving efficiency
  • To maximize the effect of money by working directly with local organizations and volunteers and maintaining constant contact with them
  • To encourage new ideas that involve people participation in such issues as environmental awareness, forestation, etc. 


An India without extreme poverty, where people live healthy, self-reliant lives in a clean environment, and where their essential needs are met through sustainable economic activity.


PPI is dedicated to bringing positive socio-economic change to the underprivileged, marginalized, and exploited sectors of India by promoting self-reliance and providing seed-money for development projects.


To fund programs which have the potential to become self-sustaining and make people self-reliant.To encourage new ideas that involve people’s participation.


PPI was started by a small group of concerned individuals coming together to do something for the less fortunate in India. PPI was incorporated as a no-profit organization in October, 1978 in the State of Washington. We started with one project and a collection of $1200 in the first year. The first PPI project was a women's and children's health improvement undertaken through RUHSA in Vellore, Tamil Nadu.

What we do

From 1979 through 2015, PPI has supported more than 200 projects, undertaken with 50 non-governmental organizations. PPI projects are spread across India dealing with a wide range of needs and issues such as health care, literacy, human rights, environmental awareness and protection, women's special needs, vocational training, water supply, micro-credit, and rehabilitation of the handicapped.

How we operate

PPI is run entirely by volunteers. Funds are collected through pledges by members and also by donations from well-wishers. Most of the funds are collected through an annual benefit dinner and again in December through an appeal mailed with the annual report.

PPI volunteers meet once every month to discuss the proposal received during the month and the progress of other projects. When project proposals are received, they are subjected to an initial scrutiny and a few are selected for review. Each proposal is reviewed by three people, who rate each proposal using an Evaluation Form.

At the following meeting, the reviewers present it to the other members after which a detailed discussion follows. We seek clarifications and answers from the NGOs and if satisfied, we short list for a quarterly review. At this quarterly review, the proposals are weighted against one another and a decision is made to approve or reject them.

Tax exempt status

PPI is a tax-exempt 501 (c) 3 organization. IRS Tax Exempt ID No is 91-1057315

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