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You can donate to PPI Online (through google checkout) or by writing a check payable to "People for Progress in India" and mailing it along with the pledge form to the address at the bottom of the page. You can also donate using credit cards, using Google Checkout. Check out our Home page for details.

Seeking Grants
PPI IS NO LONGER ACCEPTING UNSOLICITED PROPOSALS, except from certain organizations that it has supported in the past.

If you are an NGO / NPO who has worked with us in the past, please read the guidelines thoroughly. Mail us a completed application form or prepare an application yourself which includes all the sections specified in the form. Please send the completed application form to the address below. Please remember that a thoroughly completed application form increases the chances of getting the proposal approved.

Proposals from organizations that have not previously completed successful projects funded by PPI will not be approved for funding unless the organization’s work is endorsed by at least one person or funding organization known to members of PPI. Preference will be given to projects for which at least one supporter of PPI will be able to provide direct evaluations through site visits

What type of projects do we sponsor?

PPI sponsors projects that have an impact on a section or group of people. PPI doesn't want to act as a lending agency where the money is used only for income generation by individuals. PPI believes that banks are in a better position to offer loans to such mini and micro businesses. PPI likes to fund projects that involve trainings, spreading awareness, rehabilitation, etc... - projects that enrich the effectiveness of mini and micro businesses.

Funding special projects through PPI

If you want to send your funds directly to India through PPI, please read the guidelines thoroughly. Please contact PPI to complete the process.

Special funding for natural disasters or other emergencies

PPI may respond to appeals from organizations it supports or has supported for special funding in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency. Such funding, up to a maximum of $1000 per organization from PPI's general fund (which may be supplemented by donations from other sources) may be approved by a vote at PPI's monthly meeting without going through the usual formal review process. In each calendar year, the total taken from the general fund for this purpose may not exceed 5% of the previous year's net income.

Mailing Address:

People for Progress in India (PPI)
P. O. Box 51231, Seattle, WA 98115-1231.

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