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Organization:Chintana Foundation
Project title:Maintenance of trees
Start date:November 01, 2011
End date:October 31, 2014
Summary:With an objective of controlling the fast degrading environment and global warming through increased tree cover, rain water harvesting, soil and moisture conservation and awareness creation thereby enhancing the carbon credit capacities of earth, PPI-USA had extended its support Chinthana Foundation for school tree plantation projects. Under this six plantations; namely 1. Channapura-I 2. Channapur-II 3. Channaupra-III 4. Karadipura 5.Bhaggavally and 6.Gadihally This endeavor was a huge success in terms of application, growth and replication aspects.
Budget:Rs. 1,62,500 for 3 years
Project location:Ajjampura, Karnataka