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Organization:NEW LIGHT
Project title:Anchal Project
Start date:October 01, 2012
End date:September 30, 2015
Summary:This project is an endeavor to create alternative, sustainable avenues of gainful employment for former, or ready-to-exit sex workers and other distressed women. These socially and economically marginalized women will be trained and equipped to produce Kantha embroidery work. Traditionally, Kantha created household utility items out of old, discarded saris, dhotis or other soft fabrics by embroidering them together with threads derived from the same materials. To this day, it remains a specialty of rural Bengal for its unique beauty and creative cultural value. The project will use the traditional creative skills to develop marketable products which would have more than a reasonable chance of finding acceptance among socially aware and discerning households. Although the overall project is large in scope and is being supported by other international organizations, PPI funds will be used to buy the raw materials (20% of the annual cost) and provide wages and stipends for the women (45% of the annual cost).
Budget:Rs. 735,750, 2012: Rs. 249,750
Project location:Kolkatta