Visit to the Ashraya Center in Gubekote (SE of Kudligi), Karnataka
By Robert afSandeberg

21 November 2002

Ashraya is headquartered in Mysore. The organization was founded around 1990 by the ADD organization. This was one of the field offices (one more field officfe was mentioned to us).

Outside the Ashraya Field Office

There were about ten people present at the field office during the visit, including the person in charge, MI Swamy. Translation was provided by a good friend of his, who had come up from Mysore. This was the first visit to the office not only by a PPI member, but also by any donors they had (they mentioned two other organizations).

Staff at the Ashraya Field Office

We were very well received, and Ashraya was very pleased to meet us. After discussing the Ashraya organization, PPI and projects with PPI, we had lunch at the village restaurant together. We also walked around the surroundings, looking at temple ruins.

Staff at the Ashraya Field Office

PPI projects

PPI had earlier approved a stitching project, which had involved four women, all present at the meeting. This project had already finished according to their plans.

The four stitching women
at the Ashraya Field Office
and one of the sewing machines

A second project involving 700 disabled people was being reviewed by PPI at that time. It was later approved.