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PPI volunteers visit the project sites whenever they get an opportunity to do so. Whenever our volunteers travel to India, they try to visit the sites closer to the cities they will be visiting. Volunteers usually come back with amazing stories after witnessing the changes / progress made by the local organizations with our little help. They also bring back a lot of pictures to share their memories. Here are some of the inspiring stories and pictures.

"We were overwhelmed with the hospitality, happiness and the work-ethic with dignity we saw over there"

"A highlight of our trip was a visit to a beautiful, spic and span Santhal village, where we were treated to traditional drumming and dancing"

Please click on one of the links to the right to learn more about the visits. The Photo Gallery has an amazing collection of pictures that also tell a lot of stories by themselves.

Year Volunteer Title
2013 Shim Srinath Chintana visit.
2013 Shim Srinath Vikasana visit.
2012 Shim Srinath 2012 Site Visits
2011 Shim Srinath 2011 Visit to Pragathi
2011 Nagaraj Sripada Visit to Sri Pitchi Reddy foundation.
2010 Shim Srinath 2010 Site Visits
Vikasana, Karnataka
2010 Vandana Datye Jagrut Mahila Samaj, Vidarbha, Maharashtra
2009 Vijay Srirangam New Earth Team, Trichy, Tamil Nadu
2009 Vijay Srirangam Dr. Award, Trichy, Tamil Nadu
2009 Shim Srinath Vikasana and Chintana Foundation, Karanataka
2008 Shim Srinath Trust and Pragathi, Karnataka
2007 Shim Srinath TRUST, Bangalore
2006 Benegals RDS, Bankura, West Bengal
2003 Wahis India trip
2003 Shim Srinath Ashraya, Pragathi, Trust and Vikasana - Karnataka
2002 Jayashree Janardhan Pragathi Beekeeping Project, Karnataka
2002 Niranjan and Shantha Benegal Gravis - Rampura
2002 Robert afSandeberg Ashraya, Karnataka
2001 Shim Srinath Chinyard & Vikasana
2000 Surain afSandeberg GRAVIS